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Why You Need "Branding" ?

Is your businees really growing ? or it's faced with some problems as ...


Global Market Entry

I've been doing business locally for decades. Now I want to bring my good product to other countries, but I don't know how?


Declining Margin

I'm a manufaturer, alway helping other to produce. People don't even know my brand. My margin is getting low while others are getting rich. I need to start selling my own product.


Weakening Competitiveness

My brand's too old. Competitors are entering the market, selling the same things with creative and efficient way. I'm losing my advantages. Is there a new path for me ?


Marketing Failure

I have the best product with a decent vision but the market isn't buying it. What's wrong with my storytelling? I need a new marketing strategy.

Showcase - What We Have Achieved

EaseeGlobe has instructed local food manufacturers and biotechnology companies to go through "Rebranding" renovation, turning over a new leaf for their business.

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Crave For East

A whole new brand founded by VisionOcean, a well-known food ingredient provider.

We create a platform that can gather Asian food manufacturers and consumer behavior data company. Devoted to promoting a new form of Asian food by duplicating eastern food and mixing it with western eating preferences.

With perfect combination of east and west, we are leading Asian’s food brands to penetrate the U.S. market.

Paw Boutique

Better Together

Pets have become our partner. The breeding relationship has elevated to the level of spiritual companionship. There comes heavy but delicate responsibility. No matter how busy we are, we will never give up love on our pets.

We are committed to creating an “ecosystem for pets”, providing healthy pet food, grooming service, pet education and supplement care, enriching you and your pet, physically and mentally, as a family. Grow together, better together.

Dr. MIto

Stay Active

We seek balance between health, life and mentality.

With over a half century of manufacturing experience of nutritional supplement, we’ve created this new brand along with Taipei Medical University, bringing in their professional background of mitochondria and food nutrition. This collaboration produces a new thinking for health-care mindset.

Balanced as nature, allowing life’s gentle pace.


Desire To Reveal

Human nature is to desire and to explore. With BEHINDSCENE we explore what is behind the curtain and reveal the beautiful scene.

With decades of fabric and curtain manufaturing experience, We focus on texture quality and artistic craftmanship. Combine curtain with technology to meet your specification, both for your home or for your office.

We aim to become an innovative and environmentally friendly curtain brand. Immerge with us to reveal the beauty behind the curtain.

How we do "Branding"

It's a delicate system that covers brand potisioning, visual design, marketing stretegy, sales expansion.

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The Idea of "Branding"

requires deep understanding of global trends and cultural differences

Team Members

We stand out among many

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